About Us

Why was Man Stuff Created?

As a response to what many see as a society turning the wrong direction. We want to:

  1. Push back against the notion of “toxic masculinity” …God made men the way they are for glorious reasons…only the improper raising of a young man or an improper view of a true man is a problem.
  2. Push back against the idea that success is a crime; striving to excel in a free enterprise system is a noble cause, when done so with morality, virtue.
  3. We want to provide an environment of support and education for men.
  4. To nurture the development of more and better gentlemen.
  5. We will have amongst us men of exceptional character and success, willing to share their stories as inspiration and example for other groups.

Typical Meeting Agenda

  • Opening prayer
  • Brief, informal Bible study
  • Scheduled Activity
  • Huddle/networking/peer support time
  • Closing Prayer

Areas of Gentlemanly Development and Recreation for Fellowship to Include:

  1. Outdoor sports such as shooting, fishing
  2. Fitness
  3. Leadership
  4. Career
  5. Community
  6. Finance
  7. Romance
  8. Persona such as clothing, hygiene, etc.