We are humble in the service of God and dedicated to following a path that
will allow us to improve ourselves, our families, and our community.

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Maybe you would like some help on either your first or second mountain. We refer to the metaphor noted in David Brook’ book “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life.”. To paraphrase, the 1st mountain is your establishing your career, your place, your identity in this current cultural climate. The 2nd mountain is achieving wisdom, of learning selflessness, of looking and serving outwardly. Facing a huge decision or challenge? Want some help in understanding why it could end up being a high point in your life? We can help.

Event Information:

  • Thu

    Next Board Meeting

    5:00 pm

    Board meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at the Starbucks at Hwy 95 & Prairie.

We believe in one God and humble ourselves before him in service.

What is Man Stuff All About?

  1. We will concentrate on building this as a men’s group (16 and older).
  2. We want to eventually include boys and mentor them, but not all events will be open to younger aged boys; like shooting or topics of mature nature.
  3. Part of serving as a man of God is to lead our families. We want to involve families during some of the events.
  4. All are welcome, with the acknowledgement that Man Stuff recognizes the Bible as the Word for either Christian or Jew.
  5. We want to meet in public places, so that others might be encouraged to participate.

Ways to Engage

  • Attend the monthly group meetings.
  • Join the leadership.
  • Request one of our speakers for your event.
  • Attend a business leaders’ meeting.

Why was Man Stuff Created?

As a response to what many see as a society turning the wrong direction. Our goal is to provide an environment of support and education for men, and help them excel in a positive manner.

Our Tenets

We believe in one God and humble ourselves in his service. We believe in serving God, our country, and our families with chivalry, honor, and duty.

Man Stuff Offerings & Needs

  • Monthly events, typically on a Sunday afternoon from 1-3, doing something fun.
  • Speaker’s Bureau – have one of our speakers talk at your function.
  • Monthly leadership meetings – we’re looking for leaders & workers.
  • The nobility of capitalism – a meeting to provide support & guidance for those in leadership roles in business.

For those looking for ways to love their fellow man, consider helping us in any of the following areas:

  1. Keeping the web site current
  2. Creating a LinkedIn presence
  3. Adding to the suggested Reading List
  4. Sign up to lead a monthly Man-Stuff event. If you enjoy it, likely others will as well as will enjoy the fellowship
  5. Start a new series of articles titled “Old Pros”. These would feature gentlemen at least 65 years of age who are very much still engaged in productive, successful lives that can serve both as an inspiration for those of similar generation, as well as role models for the younger generations. Their story of lessons learned, timeless principles, teaching the presence of today and building on a rock. Maybe the one you interview speaks briefly at one of the monthly meetings? Man-Stuff is working on an interview template which would make this all the easier.
  6. Help initiate our Speakers’ Bureau. Do you know of youth groups that would benefit by hearing from a Believer that has a unique story to tell or lesson to pass on? Maybe it’s a talk to a HS football team of an ex NFL player who talks about the skills he used to succeed in the NFL to further his career afterwards? Maybe it’s a youth group that’s never met a real cowboy, one born and raised in ID, who went on to become of the most successful property realtors in the region, still out-performing most of his peers while in his 70s.