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We are humble in the service of God and dedicated to followinga path that
will allow us to improve ourselves, our families, and our community.

We believe in one God and humble ourselves before him in service.

What is Man Stuff All About?

  1. We will concentrate on building this as a men’s group (16 and older).
  2. We want to eventually include boys and mentor them, but not all events will be open to younger aged boys; like shooting or topics of mature nature.
  3. Part of serving as a man of God is to lead our families. We want to involve families during some of the events.
  4. All are welcome, with the acknowledgement that Man Stuff recognizes the Bible as the Word for either Christian or Jew.
  5. We want to meet in public places, so that others might be encouraged to participate.

What is Man Stuff All About?

Gentlemanly Development and Recreation for Fellowship

Why was Man Stuff Created?

As a response to what many see as a society turning the wrong direction. Our goal is to provide an environment of support and education for men, and help them excel in a positive manner.

Our Tenets

We believe in one God and humble ourselves in his service. We believe in serving God, our country, and our families with chivalry, honor, and duty.

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